Upneeq Droopy Eyelid Treatment

Upneeq droopy eyelid treatment is a new and very effective treatment from NAWI Wellness. We want to help you look younger, longer!!

What is Droopy Eyelid?

Eyelid drooping, called ptosis, is the excess sagging of the upper eyelid.

NAWI offers a non-surgical and very effective treatment, called Upneeq Droopy Eyelid Treatment,  The active drug in Upneeq, Oxymetazoline, works by making a certain eyelid muscle get shorter and tighter (contract). Wider eyes create a less tired, more youthful appearance. It also helps improve the field of vision for people suffering from acquired ptosis.

A Upneeq eye drop will last about 8 hours and can be reapplied by the client.

What causes Ptosis?

Ptosis, commonly known as droopy eyelid, can have several underlying causes. The condition can affect one or both eyelids and may range from mild to severe. It’s essential for individuals experiencing ptosis to undergo a thorough evaluation by an ophthalmologist or eye specialist to determine the underlying cause before considering Upneeq Droopy Eyelid Treatment.

Treatment for the underlying cause of your ptosis will vary depending on the underlying cause and severity of the condition. Treatment options will have a similarly wide range, but may include corrective surgery or management of underlying medical conditions.  Underlying conditions impacting ptosis might range from age-related issues, congenital issues, neurological conditions, trauma, thyroid issues, or the side-effects of medications.

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Before and After Photo
Upneeq Droopy Eyelid Treatment - Before and After Photos