Ultraslim MD Body Sculpting Treatment Video

This is a video where Dr. Edwin Dean, NAWI Medical Director, talks about the benefits of the Ultraslim MD body sculpting treatment. It was filmed at the NAWI Wellness Center in Naples, FL.

What is Ultraslim MD Body Sculpting Treatment?

This is a non-invasive process for everyone that offers immediate fat loss without dieting, exercise, or drugs. Clients lose fat immediately for a more sculpted, sexier body. UltraSlim MD is a patented process that uses a special type of light to stimulate and shrink fat cells. UltraSlim MD body sculpting treatment is completely safe with an average of 3.5” of fat loss from the waist, hips, and thighs in clinical trials.

What are the benefits of Ultraslim MD?

Benefits include immediate fat loss. This is a fast, safe, non-invasive treatment. A side benefits of this treatment is improved collagen and elastin, providing a more youthful look to your skin.

How does UltraSlim work?

UltraSlim uses an FDA-approved red light system to remove fat and reduce inches without invasive surgery. There are no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time.

The UltraSlim patented technology is based on modulating a specific type of red light to trick the fat cells, allowing the fatty acids and triglycerides to escape the cell wall. The liberated fat cell contents are drained from the body through natural processes over the course of several days.

UltraSlim body sculpting operates at the cellular level and does not generate heat. This technology has never shown any recorded side effects and clients do not experience any discomfort during the treatments.

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