Hormone Replacement Therapy Video

This is a Hormone Replacement Therapy Video where Dr. Edwin Dean interviews a satisfied NAWI client. The client talks about her personal experience with Hormone Replacement Therapy and how much it improved her personal wellness.


Did you recognize any similarities between yourself and the client in the hormone replacement therapy video?

Do you have low energy or poor sleep (amount or quality)? Do you have mood swings? Do you have a loss of libido? These are all indicators that you may be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

The chart below shows the substantial changes in the body’s production of hormones during the lifetime of women and men. Significant decreases in key hormones, such as Progesterone, Testosterone, Melatonin, and Oestrogen can have a major effect on your personal wellness!! Hormone Replacement Therapy could be the answer.

For additional information about Hormone Replacement Therapy, please click here to visit the NAWI web page.


As evidenced by the client in the Hormone Replacement Therapy video, this is a great treatment for many people!Click here to make a no-obligation appointmentto better understand this treatment and to determine if it’s right for you!

Let the NAWI Wellness Center help You Look and Feel Younger, Longer!

Hormone levels for women decrease over time
Male hormones over time
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