NAWI Membership Programs

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The NAWI Wellness Center offers several membership programs for clients who would like to receive ongoing treatments. These memberships cover Injectables, Skin Wellness, Laser Treatments, and Body & Muscle Sculpting Treatments. The minimum term for all memberships is three months.

NAWI Injectables Membership

The Injectables Membership includes the following:

10 units of Botox or Jeuveau, or25 units of Dysport per month

Each additional unit is $1 off

10% off any additional NAWI products or services.

For more information about Injectables, please click here.

NAWI Skin Wellness Membership

The Skin Wellness membership includes a variety of skin treatments, injectables, and skin products:

Monthly Hydrafacial or Dermaplaning Facial, or custom facial. The facial treatments may be gifted to another person (but not the same person within a 6 month time period). In lieu of facial treatments, you may apply the membership to injectables & fillers.

10% off skin treatment products and fillers

20% off all add-on NAWI treatments, excluding injectables. Examples of add-on’s are Hydrafacial (Deluxe or Platinum), Dermaplaning, LED light, Lymphatic Massage, and HydroJelly

After 1 continuous year of Skin Wellness Membership, the member client will receive their choice one of the following:

IPL Facial Treatment (free)

Laser Genesis Facial Treatment (free)

Secret RF Microneedling Treatment (50% off)

Juliet Erbium Laser Facial Treatment (50% off)

BBL HERO Facial Treatment (50% off)

Moxi Laser Facial Treatment (50% off)

For more information about the Hydrafacial treatment, please click here.

NAWI Laser Treatment Membership

Monthly treatment with either Laser Genesis or IPL Photofacial

10% off skin treatment products and fillers

Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport injectables are discounted at $1/unit

For more information about NAWI Laser treatments, please click here.

NAWI Body & Muscle Sculpting Membership

NAWI Wellness offers membership programs for both body sculpting and for muscle sculpting. Please ask for details at the NAWI office.

For more information about Body and Muscle Sculpting treatments, please click here.

NAWI Wellness Center Membership Information

If a membership is cancelled prior to 3-month minimum, the remainder of the 3-month membership will be charged to the client.

Memberships are non-transferrable.

Memberships cannot be combined with any NAWI promotions or special offers.

Discounted NAWI products and services exclude: Medical procedures, UpNeeq, NuSkin, and Pharmanex products.

Want More Information About Memberships?

Call the NAWI team at 239-202-0441, make an appointment, or use our convenient online form.