Over Weight Body Condition


Do you have an over weight body condition? Excess weight can result from a variety of sources, including heredity, personal choices, family or peer feedback, and life transitions. Being overweight can evoke a range of emotions and thoughts that impact both mental and emotional well-being.

Common Feelings When You Are Over Weight:

Self-consciousness: Feeling overly aware of one’s appearance, leading to discomfort or self-consciousness in social settings or even when alone.

Shame or embarrassment: Feeling ashamed or embarrassed about one’s body shape, size, or perceived flaws, which can lead to avoiding certain activities or situations.

Low self-esteem: Having a negative body image often correlates with lower self-esteem, where individuals may doubt their worth or capabilities due to dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Anxiety and stress: Constantly worrying about how one looks can generate anxiety and stress, impacting daily life and causing mental distress.

Depression: Prolonged negative body image issues can contribute to feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or even depression, affecting overall mood and quality of life.

Comparison and envy: Constantly comparing oneself to others or societal ideals can breed feelings of envy or jealousy, further worsening one’s perception of their own body.

Disordered eating or unhealthy behaviors: A poor body image might lead to extreme dieting, disordered eating patterns, or engaging in unhealthy behaviors to try to change one’s appearance, which can be physically and mentally harmful.

These feelings and thoughts can create a cycle where negative emotions reinforce a poor body image, making it challenging to break free from these patterns without support, self-acceptance, and sometimes professional help or guidance.

Helping You Address an Over Weight Body Condition

NAWI Naples offers the most innovative technological treatments for non-surgical weight loss and body sculpting. Whether you’re wanting to achieve significant weight loss with the help of a doctor, or whether you have some problem areas that need some tuning and shaping, NAWI Wellness Center can help you.

Medical Weight Loss

For Medical Weight Loss, NAWI offers Semaglutide treatment and the HCG Diet treatment. Each treatment starts with a consultation to assess your health, develop a treatment plan, and address any concerns or questions you might have.

Body Sculpting and Muscle Sculpting

For specific problem areas, the NAWI team recommends body sculpting treatment, such as TruSculpt and UltraSlim. For those who want to fine tune their appearance, NAWI also offers muscle sculpting, called TruFlex.

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