It’s time to Meet the NAWI Team!!

NAWI Mission: Make you Look and Feel Your Best

NAWI’s mission is to make you look and feel your best. With our advanced technology, coupled with our medical expertise in rapid fat and weight loss, skin treatments, laser treatments, and personal wellness treatments, you will quickly be on your way to a new you!

The NAWI team is completely committed to your health and will guide you every step of the way. We take a holistic approach to your health and wellness. Dr. Dean, Katherine Dean, and the NAWI team live by the philosophy of being curious and constantly learning, so you can be assured you are receiving the most advanced, safest, and most effective procedures to enhance your health and beauty.

Start living your best life now!

Meet NAWI Team Members

Meet the NAWI Team: Dr. Edwin Dean NAWI Medical Director & Co-owner

Dr. Edwin Dean is a Naples native, growing up in Naples and graduating from Naples high school. He attended Cornell University and Cornell Medical School followed by a residency in emergency medicine at LA County/USC Medical Center. He has practiced emergency medicine, urgent care medicine, travel medicine, and family practice medicine.

Dr. Dean has always had a holistic approach to health. For the past 20 years he has been focused on anti-aging and wellness. He has 10+ years of experience and success with hormone therapy and rapid weight loss.

Dr. Dean says, “We decided to expand the practice to include treatments that help people look as good as they feel. You can never underestimate the power of improved self image and self-confidence. It makes the world bend towards you.”

In his spare time Dr. Dean enjoys family get-togethers and spending quality time with his wife and NAWI co-owner, Katherine. The couple also enjoys sailing, adventure travel, snow-skiing, and scuba diving.

Dr. Edwin Dean, NAWI Medical Director

Meet the NAWI Team: Katherine Dean
NAWI Co-Owner

Katherine Dean is co-founder of NAWI Wellness Center and the spouse of Dr. Dean. Katherine and Edwin are very focused on family life and helping others in the attainment of their goals.

As a highly-accomplished business person, Katherine leads NAWI operations and oversees NAWI initiatives to ensure strategic alignment with her and Dr. Dean’s vision of the NAWI Wellness Center becoming the leading Naples provider of wellness, balance, and beauty.

Prior to forming NAWI, Katherine served in various entrepreneurial and executive roles, including VP of Human Resources and Administrative Services for Hyundai Motor America and for Endocyte, Inc. She was also President and CEO of Auxilius Heavy Industries, a service organization for clean wind energy.

She holds a BA in history from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an MBA from California State University. In her free time, she regularly volunteers and she enjoys traveling adventures with family and friends, cooking (and eating) and staying active with morning beach runs and yoga.


Here are the highly skilled and experienced staff members that deliver great results at nawi!!

Christine, NAWI Nurse Practitioner/ Injectionist

Meet Christine - NAWI Nurse Practioner/Injectionist

Hi, my name is Christine. As an Nurse Practioner, I have been in the aesthetic field for 6 years, and here at NAWI for 4 years. I like a natural look & can guide you in how to manage early & late signs of aging gracefully. The trick is to make you look like you don’t need work…not like you’ve had work. Health & wellness pair perfectly with beauty. My medical background allows me to look at each individual as a whole. Come in and talk about what is possible!!

Meet Angie - NAWI Nurse Practioner/Injectionist

Angie has lived in Naples since 2002. She brings 19 years of experience working in various roles in the healthcare field. Angela received her Master of Science degree in Nursing from Walden University and is an ANCC Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She offers a full array of aesthetic services to her patients.

Michelle - NAWI Nurse Practioner/Injectionist

Meet Michelle: NAWI Nurse Practitioner/ Injectionist

I've been a part of the Naples community since 1992, bringing with me 25 years of experience in healthcare. As a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and a Nurse Manager, I've worked across different facets of healthcare. My journey includes earning a Master of Science degree in Nursing from Walden University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. I find great fulfillment in offering aesthetic services to my patients, helping them enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. From skincare treatments to cosmetic procedures, I strive to meet the unique needs and desires of each individual who walks through my doors.

Feng, Hannah

Meet Hannah - NAWI PA/Injectionist

Hi, my name is Hannah. I am a native of Naples, FL! I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science from the University of Florida. I went on to receive my Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, graduating with highest honors. I have always had a passion for the aesthetic industry and helping others feel good in their own skin by enhancing each individual’s natural beauty. I have experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology, but have now turned to focus solely on cosmetic dermatology. I provide precise and personalized treatments tailored to each client's unique needs and desires. I believe in providing natural and undetectable injectables, meaning that you look like you, but better!

Smith, Cathy

Meet Cathy: Licensed Aesthetician, Laser Technician

Hello, my name is Cathy, I have a dynamic, savvy and a true passion for our medical aesthetic industry. I have over 20 years of extensive experience and certifications in cosmetic lasers, medical skin care lines, and have educated other aestheticians for over 18 years. I have a simple, but significant philosophy. “Be the reason someone smiles, be the reason someone feels loved, and believes in the goodness of people. The reason we are in the best “feel good” industry you can be in.” I look forward to meeting with you and assisting and educating you on the best possible version of yourself

Thays - NAWI Medical Assistant

Meet Thays - NAWI Medical Assistant

Hello, my name is Thays. I’ve been with this amazing company for the past 4 years and have completely fallen in love with the world of aesthetics. I love working for a company where I can boost people’s self-confidence all day every day. Stop by and say hi!

Stephanie, NAWI Front Desk

Meet Stephanie - NAWI Front Desk

Hello, I'm Stephanie, one of the welcoming faces at NAWI’s front office. My goal is ensuring every patient feels welcomed and at ease in our office. I moved to sunny SWFL in 2017 to attend college and have worked in Med spas ever since, fueling my passion for making others feel and look their best. Off-duty, you'll find me at the beach, my happy place, or enjoying precious moments with my two young kids. Whether scheduling appointments or soaking up the sun, my passion lies in making others feel best.

Pinto Bella

meet Bella - NAWI Front Desk

Hi there, I’m Bella, and I am one of the first faces that you see when you walk through our doors. Currently, I'm embarking on a journey to become a licensed aesthetician, and I couldn't be more thrilled. In the meantime, I'm here to assist you with anything you need, whether it's scheduling appointments, answering questions, or just providing a welcoming atmosphere. Looking forward to meeting you and sharing this exciting journey together!

Annie, NAWI Office Manager
Meet Annie - NAWI Office Manager

Hello, my name is Annie, I am the office Manager at NAWI. As your go-to person for all things administrative, I thrive on creating an environment where every team member feels supported and empowered. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to love what I do and to be a part of such a dynamic and supportive team. Every day presents new opportunities to learn and grow, and I embrace each challenge with enthusiasm and a smile.

One of the best parts of my role is interacting with our amazing clients. I take great pride in building strong relationships and ensuring that every interaction leaves a positive impression.

Feel free to reach out anytime! Whether you need assistance, have a question, or just want to share a success story, I’m here for you


Now that you’ve met the NAWI team, Dr. and Katherine Dean invite you to take a quick tour of their beautiful Naples office. It’s equipped with state of the art technology!!