Hormone Replacement Therapy

Personal wellness promotes happiness

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Better Personal Wellness

As you age, your body produces fewer hormones. For women, this can result in low energy, reduced libido, “brain fog”, moodiness, hot flashes, and night sweats. For men, this can result in moodiness, difficulties with concentration and memory, increased body fat, enlarged male breast tissue (called gynecomastia), decrease in muscle strength and mass, and decrease in endurance.

The following graph illustrates the changes in hormones for women as aging occurs.

Hormone levels for women decrease over time

The NAWI Wellness Center specializes in bringing back youthful levels of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. This therapy is ideal for men and women over 40. 

Dr Edwin Dean is one of the most experienced hormone replacement therapy doctors in Naples, FL. A thorough evaluation and consultation will help clarify the numerous health benefits and will dispel many of the misconceptions of hormone therapy.

The overall sense of well-being that is achieved through hormone replacement therapy will have you asking, “Why didn’t I do this years ago!?” 


Hormone Replacement Therapy has been used by the medical community since the 1940’s and is very safe! Hormone Replacement Therapy is shown to have far less side effects than its counterpart, bio-identical injectables. NAWI treatments consistently outperform injections and creams in ease and effectiveness and cause far less mood swings, hormone fluctuations, and “rollercoaster” effects.


Hormone Replacement Therapy involves inserting a small organic pellet containing bioidentical hormones that the body produces naturally into the subcutaneous fat regions of the body every four to five months, or as needed, in order to aid the body in maintaining healthy hormone levels naturally!

Unlike other therapies where bioidentical hormones are injected in often far too high amounts, NAWI’s hormone replacement therapy works with your body to regulate hormones at the correct levels for you to be a younger version of yourself.

Hormone Replacement is A HEALTHY AGING STRATEGY

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a Healthy Aging Strategy!! Schedule a no-obligation consultation today to learn more!!

In the following video, Dr. Dean provides an overview of how hormones affect the personal wellness of women.

Learn more about Hormone Replacement Therapy results with the client video below.