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Laser treatments are incredibly popular because they are versatile, effective, convenient, and comfortable. For instance, lasers at Naples Aesthetic and Wellness Institute in Naples, FL can be used to remove unwanted hair, restore vitality to damaged vaginal tissues, and treat disordered veins. If you think you could benefit from improving your skin or vein health, keep reading to learn what laser therapy is, how it works, and whether you qualify. 

What Are Laser Treatments? 

Laser treatments are either medical or cosmetic in nature depending on the nature of the concern. However, they all involve using the heat emitted by powerful laser light to treat concerns. Some of the most popular laser therapy treatments include: 
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser vein treatment
  • IPL photofacial
  • Laser Genesis

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation with the Juliet Erbium laser is an unbelievably convenient way to restore damaged vaginal tissues. After just a painless 20-minute treatment session, your body will start to heal itself. Over time, you will notice such benefits as: 
  • More comfortable intimacy
  • Labial tightening
  • Increased lubrication during sex
  • Heightened sensitivity during sex
  • Improved labial appearance
  • Improved vaginal appearance, texture, and firmness
  • Improved vulval appearance
  • Urinary stress incontinence improvement or prevention

Laser Hair Removal

The permanent removal of unwanted hair is another common benefit people seek from lasers. If your goal is total hair removal, you may need between half a dozen and one dozen treatment sessions, but these sessions are quick and comfortable. The laser used to achieve permanent hair removal depends on your skin type and hair color. However, each session involves calibrating the device to the color of your hair and sweeping it over the area. Generally, laser hair removal sessions are completed in under an hour. However, the exact amount of time your treatment session takes depends on many factors, including whether we need to trim your hair prior to using the laser, the size of the areas being treated, and the number of areas being treated. It will only take the laser a few quick minutes to zap the active hair follicles on your upper lip or chin. It will take a lot longer if you are targeting back hair.

Laser Vein Treatment

Treating disordered veins is yet another common benefit provided by laser therapy. Specifically, laser therapy can be used to treat reticular or spider veins on the legs. You can generally expect your laser therapy session to take around 15 minutes if small spider veins are being treated. If larger reticular veins are being treated, your session may take closer to an hour. Either way, a highly advanced laser is used to target disordered veins that no longer need to be in the body. These damaged blood vessels that cause cosmetic and medical issues are constricted so hard that blood can no longer flow through them. they starve and die and cease to be a problem. Without damaging your skin or causing you any pain, your disordered veins will disappear and no longer cause itching, pain, or any other discomfort.

IPL Photofacial

An IPL (intense pulse light) photofacial is similar to other laser treatments in that it uses heat emitted by light to treat concerns. The primary difference is the light is not steady. As the name of the treatment suggests, the intense light is pulsed. When the intense light penetrates the outer layers of your skin, blood vessels and collagen tighten in response. The tightening of the collagen in your skin provides such benefits as:
  • Acne scar diminishment
  • Wrinkle and line reduction
  • Improved skin tone

Laser Genesis Treatment

The Juliet Erbium laser is one of the most popular lasers for improving skin health, but it is not the only popular laser we offer to treat skin concerns. We are also proud to offer an NIR (near-infrared) Nd:YAG laser with a 1064-nm wavelength called the Genesis laser. This laser is used to provide what is known as the Laser Genesis treatment. There are a number of potential benefits of this treatment, but it is most commonly used to treat rosacea. This 30-minute treatment session requires no downtime, so you can get it done on your lunch break and return to work without taking time off. After just one treatment session, you will notice your skin looks tighter, smoother, and brighter. You will also notice that your pores look smaller. However, you may need between three and six treatment sessions to treat large broken blood vessels, deep wrinkles, or significant dark spots or scars.

How This Type of Treatment Works

This type of treatment works thanks to the intense energy required to produce laser light. This intense laser light energy is hot, and the heat is very good for your skin. For instance, in the case of laser hair removal, the heat from the laser light burns the hair follicles in the treatment area that are in the growth phase.  As another example, in the case of vaginal rejuvenation, concerns are addressed by encouraging the skin to produce more self-healing collagen. In the case of Laser Genesis treatment, rosacea symptoms are improved thanks to blood vessel tightening and the signs of aging and sun damage are reversed thanks to collagen stimulation. 

Who This Type of Treatment Is Right for

Laser treatments are generally appropriate for adults with concerns that can be treated effectively with laser therapy. However, not all adults with concerns that can be treated by laser therapy qualify. It is vital that you attend an initial evaluation to verify that this type of treatment will be safe for you. For example, you should not get laser therapy if you are pregnant.  Also, laser therapy is not an appropriate treatment method for your cosmetic or medical concerns if your skin is sensitive to light. If you are taking medicine that causes photosensitivity, you will need to stop taking this medication temporarily in advance of your treatment or you will not qualify. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Laser Treatments

The bottom line is that laser treatments can be used quickly and comfortably to treat a number of cosmetic and medical concerns, including damaged vaginal tissues, unwanted hair, and disordered veins. This type of treatment works by using laser light heat to stimulate the skin’s collagen production or destroy unneeded hair follicles or veins. You may be a good candidate for this type of treatment if your skin is not irritated or sensitive to light. Contact us today at Naples Aesthetic and Wellness Institute in Naples, FL to schedule your consultation.