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Talk about a difference! In just 8 days I lost 9 pounds on the HCG Diet Plan. But it wasn’t losing that weight in such a short period of time that impressed me the most. It was the way that the plan changed my relationship with food! I now know what it takes to drop a few pounds anytime I want just by returning to the guide outlined by the Plan. And the Secret RF Microneedling and IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation will turn back the clock by years, not months. You owe it to yourself to give NAWI a try!


Hi Katherine and Ed,

Last night was an amazing experience, thank you so much! I have no bruising and little pain. Your staff was professional and made you feel totally at ease, I will be back! Thank you again, you are so appreciated.     

Best Regards!

Deborah. L

I had recently heard about the Juliet feminine laser treatment. I found out that I was a candidate for Juliet feminine laser treatment and was excited to try it out. The results were great. It has toned me up and took away some of my dryness issues from time to time. The treatment was very safe, quick and easy and the staff was very courteous and friendly. The treatment was not painful and the results were visibly noticeable by me and my husband.  

I was able to resume to sexual activity within 3 days and I will have to say It was fun!  But of course I am blessed to have already have a fun husband where it counts. 🤫

I would recommend this treatment for sure.

Lauren. H Age - 46

I just want to tell you how happy I am that i had the Juliet treatment! Everyone made me feel very comfortable, you know how awkward these things can be! I was not embarrassed or nervous at all because of the professionalism displayed. I was worried that after it was over i would be in pain, but that was NOT the case! It was a little uncomfortable for a couple hours, but that was it!

You know, I didn’t tell my husband that I had this treatment, and after the 10 day waiting period, we were having some fun and he noticed that it was tighter! He said “Whats going on?? I swear it feels tighter than usual! He was so impressed with the entire thing! It was noticeably “prettier” (if that’s even possible) lol. And now believe it or not, i have so much more feeling there than I had before. It has greatly improved our intimacy and I am so glad I took that step! Thank you SO MUCH! You guys are awesome and I really appreciate you.

J. B Age - 55

I was a patient of Dr Dean and the wellness clinic in late January/early February and participated in the HCG weight loss plan.
Just wanted to send a follow up that I continue to lose weight while following the 1000 calorie guidelines and healthy eating habits. I thought I ate well before, but the new eating plan is much cleaner, and very easy to maintain. I even occasionally fast for the enjoyment of it, which would have been absurd before this plan began! According to my scale, I have lost a total of 21 pounds as of this morning. (I believe I ended the four weeks at around 15 pounds of weight loss.)
 I feel amazing and continue to enjoy the benefits of a lower BMI. I don’t feel the addiction to sugar, I feel my gut is healthier than ever, and I rarely feel the effects of low blood sugar like mood changes or headaches.  I would not have believed fasting was possible before the education I received through the encouraging emails and materials you provided and now I embrace it.
In other words, the guidance I received while in your care has truly changed my life, and I can’t thank you enough.
Beth R.

I had one photo facial from Krystal and the results are amazing! Most of my sun spots are gone and my complexion is so clear. I was skeptical of results prior to treatment but stunned by the results after first session!

Jennifer S.

I lost over 90 pounds and kept it off using this simple and easy regimen. My energy, self-image and self-confidence have skyrocketed.

Jennifer D.

I wanted to lose 10 pounds before my wedding. I was able to do this in less than three weeks and look and feel good on my big day!

Kim P.

This is the FAO Schwartz for women. I want it ALL!

Natalie - Age 54

Hi NAWI Team,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I hope you are all well and staying healthy.

Oh my goodness, where do I begin?! What an incredible opportunity it was for me to work with NAWI! The loss of weight and the services you performed on my entire body sculpted me into my ‘dream wedding self’!  I couldn’t be happier!

The amazing support, mental and visual, was outstanding. From our first meeting I felt a tremendous ease! All procedures were always explained before taking place and everything was performed with such a personal touch. From the moment I walked into NAWI I felt like part of the NAWI family! You all cheered me on, guided me through constant communication and dedication.

Thank you so much! I will never forget this experience full of wonderful memories. 

Our Wedding Photographer sent us our portfolio of photos this week. I have thousands of photos from Wedding Day. Let me know your vision and I can send over whatever you need. 

Kindest Regards


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