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Lumè Lash. Brow. Beauty. Changing the world one lash at a time…

Michelle and Tom are keeping the standards high in the beauty world.  Why choose us?  Michelle is a master lash technician with 18 years of experience!  She doesn’t settle for anything less than exceptional.  Tom has years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company managing a team funding 4.2 billion dollars a year!  Together we are the balanced team that will teach you to have a successful business!

We have mastered the Lash Extension trade with a full proof way to give your clients the exquisite look they have always wanted with unbelievable profit margins for a proven successful business!

In addition, we have developed the perfect complement to beautiful lashes, flawless skin!  Our LFF, Lash Friendly Facials, will have your clients booking before their lash fills to complete their look.

Top off that beautiful look with effortless microbladed brows to help you wake up and go!

What’s best is we help you do it all, maximize your profits and give you unparalleled support with your new business.  Tom and Michelle have one united cause to build a national quality franchise that will revolutionize the beauty industry!

“LUME LASH is setting the bar. Our regular customers love our waxing, eyelash, brow, cosmetic tattoo, fibroblasting and other beauty services. Life is short, your lashes don’t have to be.” -Lume Lash LLC

Please visit Lume Lash at their website here. They can be reached by cell or by email at 866-832-LUME and franchising@lumelash.com respectively.

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