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About Us

Naples Aesthetics and Wellness Institute is committed to making you look and feel your best. With our advanced technology, coupled with our medical expertise in rapid fat and weight loss, you will quickly be on your way to a new you!

What separates us from others is the “know how” to help you get the weight off and keep it off. Unlike other programs, we are completed committed to your health and will guide you every step of the way. Dr. Dean attended Cornell Medical School and is board certified in emergency medicine but his real passion is to help others improve their overall health with a holistic approach. Dr. Dean and his staff live by the philosophy of being curious and constantly learning so you can be assured you are receiving the most advanced, safest and efficacious procedures to enhance your health and beauty.

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Dr. Edwi​n Dean, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Edwin James Dean (a.k.a. “Dr. ED”) grew up in Naples and graduated from Naples high school. He attended Cornell University and Cornell Medical School followed by a residency in emergency medicine at LA County/USC Medical Center. He practiced emergency medicine, urgent care medicine, travel medicine, and family practice medicine. He has always had a holistic approach to health and for the past 10 years has primarily been focused on anti-aging and wellness. He has over 10 years of experience and success with hormone therapy and rapid fat loss. “We decided to expand the practice to include treatments that help people look as good as they feel. You can never underestimate the power of improved self image and self-confidence. It makes the world bend towards you.” In his spare time he enjoys family get-togethers and exercising with his wife, Katherine. The couple also enjoys black diamond snow-skiing, scuba diving, adventure travel and sailing.

Katherine K. Dean


Katherine Dean is one of three founders of Naples Aesthetics and Wellness Institute (NAWI) and the wife of Dr. Edwin James Dean. Katherine and Edwin are focused on family life and helping others in the attainment of their goals. As an accomplished business person, she supports the operations in human resources and oversees the execution of the Med-spa and ensures strategic alignment to the vision of NAWI becoming a formidable provider of wellness, balance and beauty to its clients. Prior to forming NAWI, Mrs. Dean served in various entrepreneurial and executive roles such as vice president of human resources and administrative services for Hyundai Motor America and Endocyte, Inc. as well as President and CEO of Auxilius Heavy Industries which is a service organization for clean wind energy. She holds a BA in history from the University of California, Los Angeles and an MBA from California State University.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling adventures with family and friends, cooking (and eating) and staying active with morning beach runs and yoga.

Paul Dean


Paul Dean is one of the founders of Naples Aesthetics and Wellness Institute (NAWI). He is a native of Naples and graduated Naples High. He attended Boston College and studied business management and accounting. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident since childhood when he sold bikes and other consumer items on the radio show, Naples Trader, back in the inception days of Naples. With his innate business savvy, he founded three companies which specialized in residential construction, real estate and insurance…and Naples Aesthetics and Wellness Institute, which he believes is the most exciting endeavor since it centers around enriching people’s lives on a more personal level. In his spare time, he enjoys family gatherings, travel, scuba diving, boating, cycling, kite boarding, camping and fitness.

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